Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dusting this blog off...

So once upon a time I created this blog with the intent of creating a public blog. It was a means by which I could communicate with family and friends who *don't* have blogs or journals on the private community I participate in. Obviously that particular endeavor failed.

But what has happened is that I've found my writing evolving. I've found myself actually taking the time to write about some of the crafts that I've been working on, and the geeky projects I've gotten involved in. And hey! There's actually a public place I created well suited for that kind of talk.

Even better, I got a random anonymous query on my private journal asking me a development question. What better place to put something like that then right here! So - expect to see more content here in one of two avenues:

- crafts: I sew and crochet for the most part, but I also dabble in lampworking, beading, and some cross stitch.

- geekery: I am a computer geek by day (and night). I'm a java developer, who also dabbles in perl. I work with various open source projects both at work and at home, and run linux 100% at home. I play WoW (yes on linux).

So those are the categories under which you are likely to see topics. Feel free to ask questions - I'm more likely to answer geeky questions or questions about crochet.

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