Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One of my crafty inspirations...

One person taught me how to bead. She let me help her on her wedding dress. She also taught me how to emboss, crochet, and a number of other crafty foundation like things for the things I do now.

So these past few weeks while I've been working on these costumes, I've been thinking a lot about her. She lives in Indiana, and I haven't seen her in years - not since she and her family came up to visit her family that lived up here not terribly far from us (closer than the 15 hour drive that we'd moved in any case). Gosh by now it's been 8 years? Then 2 days ago my housemate finds a bunch of pictures in a basket sitting around as she's clearing out and organizing things. As I went through the basket of pictures, I see a picture of my friend.

So last night as I'm cutting out material, I realized that instead of listening to music, there's a phone call that I should make instead. So I dial 411 and ask directory assistance for their phone number. Last I'd heard they were still in the same town, and I'm hoping that's still the case. It is. When I hear her husband's voice (another good friend), I simply say, "Hi, [friend's name], it's [me]!" and just wait for realization to dawn. *smiles* I nearly cried, it was so good just hearing his voice. We talked for a few minutes, and then he passed the phone on to my friend. My friend who was the support structure and inspiration behind so many things. One of my closest friends in Indiana. One that I hadn't kept in as good of contact with. And there she was on the phone again across years of not hearing her voice. Again, I nearly cried.

There are those friendships that span across years and somehow someway they still remain. It feels like you reach across the void and touch your friend and they're still there, with you. I have a childhood friend like that...and apparently an adult friend like that. For as much as I've been thinking about M, she apparently was thinking about me more than normal, for she said, "It's funny that you call today..."

We talked until my phone died. We shared phone numbers. We shared email addresses. We shared updates.

M, thank you.

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