Saturday, March 29, 2008

Works in progress, here I come!

See, I had this thing, where I was going to be good and not start to learn to knit until I finished my WIPs. Yeah, well, that didn't last too long. I finally found a yarn that I think I can pick up knitting quickly with *woot* (down side is that at 6.00/skein...*sigh*...but that's ok. It's comfy to knit with.

That being said, I'm working on finishing up my Grandma's Lace Afghan, which shall find it's home with my stepmother, and then on to finishing my Spring Doily. The afghan has only been sitting around since I was pregnant with my now 4 year old - and the doily has been sitting around for the past 2 years. Yeah, I think it's time to finish these puppies.

I have other projects that either never got started, or barely got started, so I need to either repurpose the yarn or figure out if I'm going to actually do those projects, and if so do them, or if not repurpose the yarn.

I had a super sekrit project I was going to work on that was supposed to have been done by January - buuuuut...that never got started, and now I shall have to figure something else out.

Whee...but crafting hard core here I come!

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