Monday, March 31, 2008

How to tell one is a crafting geek?

Another doily
Another doily,
originally uploaded by craftingdragon.
That one has to remind oneself not to play on her online crafting project management account during the day.

I was a good Code Monkey. I did not succumb to the lures to Ravelry. Ah...but the temptation...I have to be honest and admit it was there.

I'm currently digging through old pictures and looking for pictures of old projects to put up on my crafting flickr account so that they may then be brought into my Ravelry account (gods I love that Flickr/Ravelry interface! Mah-velous, I tell you! It's so easy! Pick a project, edit photos, pick a set or a tag, search, drag and drop - all in your browser. I love modern web applications development, I tell you!)

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