Sunday, January 17, 2016

Really back this time...

I'm really back this time. 

When I last posted, I had just moved cross country, and was still getting my life in order. 

This past year, I've had a lot of tumult in my life as my father became very sick, and eventually passed away in September. Through the year, where I headed back to MO to be with him a few times, I picked my crochet hooks back up and have gotten into a nice little pattern. 

 Winter time is my crafting time - Summer is my be outdoors as much as possible time - so throughout the winter, you can find me working on at least 2-3 projects at a time, and have been working hard on keeping Ravelry up to date.

 Since November 2014, I've completed the following:

  1. The blanket I started while pregnant with my youngest (who is now 12). I gave it to him when I was done because that just made sense. It's his favorite blanket when he's here :). 
  2. An owl basket that I STILL need to send to the person I said I would make it for 
  3. A Victorian lace blanket
  4. Some owl wristwarmers 
  5. Made a couple of hats 
 I've frogged a couple projects entirely, and gave up on them, cleaning up my ravelry account. 
 I've pulled together patterns for blankets for each of the girls, and started on one of them (that will be my next project to complete).

 I've started on a few projects: 

  1. Halloween themed tree decorations 
  2. Started to learn Tunisian crochet with a shawl pattern 
  3. Started participating in my first Crochet A Long

 I've also cleaned up my craft room, and cleaned out old yarn donating it to friends. So...needless to say it's been a busy 14 months! 

 Now I'm working on bringing this blog back to life, and it looks like there have been enough positive changes here on blogger, that it might not be the chore that it once was. There will be some changes after looking at my old posts and cringing...While there's NO change in that I'm still very much an IT geek, there will be very little computer oriented chat going on here, unless I'm crafting something computer related. Everything will be all crafting all the time, and primarily crochet, though probably some quilting as well (as I've started to pick up a new skill in all these years!)

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